Jenny Macklin's policies have harmed millions of people on low incomes and destroyed lives. Civil society must unite to demand the EIC is…

November 2022

Harmful and failed industry should not be inflicted on more disabled people

October 2022

The government knows people on Centrelink payments die by suicide at extraordinary rates yet they are pushing us to bear the cost of budget repair
Despite incessant promises of “no one left behind”, the Labor government has repeatedly refused any relief for people in poverty. People on low incomes…

September 2022

Welfare recipients cannot pay the price of further delaying action – low payment levels are harming and killing people
Welfare recipients will be no better off despite claims that indexation is an “increase” to Centrelink payments. Government boasts of “increase” to…
Protesters respond after the government failed to include unemployed people as full participants in its landmark Jobs and Skills Summit
Unemployed, disabled and low income people are the real experts in what we need
Event organised by unemployed advocates will go ahead despite being denied approval

August 2022

Robodebt royal commission is a distraction from the government ramping up "debt" collection against welfare recipients in July. They must immediately…
Hallmarks of past failures evident in Disability Employment Services Consultation Report. What disabled people need is less rhetoric and more control…

July 2022

Election promise to abolish cashless welfare was nothing but misdirection