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Civil society should not engage with Macklin-led Economic Inclusion Committee until it is inclusive

Rishworth and Shorten: Keep grifting Disability Employment Services out of NDIS

Ruthless budget “repair”: Unsustainable austerity will cost poor people their lives

Welfare recipients deliver messages to Amanda Rishworth protesting government refusal to raise Centrelink payments

Unemployed advocates welcome new poverty inquiry, but Centrelink payment increase cannot wait

Indexation is no increase: Albanese government spin hides entrenched poverty crisis

Unemployed advocates hold “mini jobs summit” at Parliament House

Welfare recipients respond to Jobs and Skills summit

MEDIA ALERT: Unemployed workers to hold “mini employment summit” on parliament lawns today

Robodebt royal commission rings hollow as Labor creates another debt collection “human tragedy”

Rishworth, don't repeat past mistakes in disability employment with "reforms" that pander to providers

Labor government confirm compulsory income management will continue

Albanese: abandon Morrison’s eugenicist approach to COVID response

Unemployed workers call for Workforce Australia penalty suspension as rollout shambles see fears realised

Antipoverty Centre condemns Labor’s disturbing plan to raise debts against welfare recipients

Minimum wage decision is cold comfort for welfare recipients

Welfare recipients deserve a better future too, but Albanese offers us no hope

Increasing distress among welfare recipients promised only a poverty trap as voting opens

TONIGHT: Antipoverty Centre to launch housing payment proposal at election briefing event

Antipoverty activists challenge candidates to dismantle the poverty machine on COVID supplement anniversary

Six years on from Josh Park-Fing's death, Work for the Dole is overdue for closure

Morrison doesn't need to know the JobSeeker rate, he needs to care for people who live on it

Politicians don’t understand unemployment; they’re failing millions of us as a result

“Those that need the most get the least”: people in poverty respond to budget

National uComms poll finds 73% support for cash payments to unemployed people in budget

Liberal and Labor must match commitment to lift Centrelink payments above the poverty line

Unemployment rate is a farce that obscures poverty crisis

DSP inquiry report a "slap in the face" to disabled people says advocate

MPs must reject religious discrimination bill to protect most vulnerable

Response to opposition leader’s comments on unemployment payments

Productivity Commission homelessness report shows urgent need for higher JobSeeker payment

Prime minister: scapegoating unemployed workers must end

Ruston must retract comments blaming poor people for supply issues