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TONIGHT: About us not for us – What the Workforce Australia inquiry means for welfare recipients

Burke must immediately pause Centrelink payment suspensions following Workforce Australia inquiry report

Burke must protect welfare recipients affected by WA fires

Not fit-for-purpose: Shorten must immediately suspend “debt" collection activity

Rishworth’s economic “inclusion” committee bill insulting to people in poverty

SURVEY: 93% of welfare recipients say “mutual” obligations harm mental and physical health

Government must support lifting how much welfare recipients can earn before payment cuts

Labor betrays welfare recipients on cashless welfare in reversal of election promise

Budget shows politicians can’t be trusted with the lives of welfare recipients

684,360 left behind: shameful proposal to restrict JobSeeker increase to over 55s

Antipoverty Centre response: Government rejects key proposal of pointless report on raising welfare payments

Parliamentary friends of ending poverty must not repeat failures of Economic “Inclusion” Committee

WATCH: Antipoverty Centre appearance at the Housing Australia Future Fund inquiry hearing

Welfare recipients to tell senate inquiry Labor’s housing fund will fail

More submarines promise more intergenerational inequality

Labor betrays welfare recipients with push for new cashless welfare powers

Indexation is no increase: Rishworth must stop misleading people about Centrelink payments

Antipoverty Centre welcomes call to abolish ParentsNext and demands MO suspension for ALL employment services

Unemployed advocates to address first poverty inquiry in 50 years

New Economic “Inclusion” Committee terms of reference reveal recipe for exclusion

Treasurer’s plan for philanthropy a dangerous structural shift